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Hi clients and visitors!


Are you interested in therapy, but not sure if you are quite ready to call or come in for a session? First, I understand and two, no problem. Join my mailing list for a monthly e-mail that includes blog updates, new resources that I find valuable, and other helpful information, such as when I am starting a new group and what the therapeutic topic will be. This way you stay in loop, and come in when you are ready.  Go to "contact" to sign up.


The following are resources that we will likely explore together. Included below are websites, videos, quizzes and other bits of information that I find helpful for better self awareness and development. When I find something new that I love, I will post it here or include it in the monthly e-mail, so keep an eye on new additions!


Typology Quiz


The Highly Sensitive Person Quiz

What are your love languages?



My Favorite TED Talks & Psychoeducational Videos




















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