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Individual Sessions


Our first thirty minute session is complimentary.  Finding the right person to talk to is important, and I want you to get the feel of things without the worry of cost.  In the initial session we discuss why you are coming in and questions you have regarding the process.  If we both feel that I can be of help to you, we will schedule future sessions.


Individual sessions are 50 minutes long, and 80 minute sessions are available upon request in advance.


Phone sessions are available to those who are unable to leave their home or are located out of town, and not able to be physically present for a session (limited to those residing in the state of Indiana).  


Individual Session: $125

Couples Session: $200



All workshops must be signed up for in advance.  

Holiday Support Workshops

Do you have a love/hate relationship with the upcoming holiday season? Or maybe just a hate/hate relationship with it? Most of us feel some sort of mental health 'yuck' due to the holidays: loneliness, anxiety, grief, stress or depression. These feelings can take place of the merry and bright we are told to feel.  


The Holiday Support Workshop is a judgment free space where you can just feel what you feel, and no one will tell you that you are wrong (or a Scrooge). This workshop provides practical information for getting through the holidays: the basics of boundaries and how to set them with family and friends, how to recognize when anxiety or depression is coming upon you, and what to do after the holiday let down is over and life goes back to normal. If this appeals, please contact Katie to sign up for this one-day workshop. It will take place in downtown Franklin (IN) on Sunday, December 8th from 2:00 - 6:00 p.m. Space is limited, so reserve your spot by November 24th. To save 20%, sign up by November 16th. 

Dreams Workshop 

Each night we drift off into another world, waking up to feelings of awe, confusion, complexity and sometimes, fear.  In the dreams workshop I will teach you how to understand your dreams by focusing on the practices of dream tending from a Jungian perspective. You will gain a greater understanding of the dream images, how this reflects your inner self, and how to cultivate and work on your dreams in the future.  I will analyze bits of dreams as an example of how to do so for yourself.


Dreams Workshops typically occur once in the spring and once in the fall.  If you are interested in having a private workshop for a group of people, please contact me. 


Emotional Wellness Workshop

In the Emotional Wellness Workshop you will learn the basics of how to achieve emotional wellness, including how to be aware of our own emotions, how to use those emotions wisely, and how to hold healthy boundaries in relationships.  



To sign up for group classes, please click this link              or contact Katie via the "contact" form

on the website. You must sign up prior to attending a group, as there is a maximum number for each group.


Thoughts swirl and twirl in our brain all day, every day, and sometimes we need an outlet other than talking.  Journaling accesses both the left (analytical, rational) and right (creative, intuitive, feeling) sides of the brain, allowing the mind to open, wander, and just be. In journaling class there will be prompts provided to get the writing-juices flowing, and then each person’s creation will be shared. After sharing, the group is open to ask questions and explore each other's contributions with the guidance of the group leader, ensuring that each person is heard with gentleness and care.



Emotional Wellness


Emotional Wellness means having an awareness and understanding of one’s emotional state, and knowing how to use those emotions wisely. At times we feel overwhelmed, under heard, and without a shoulder to lean on, but what if we became our own shoulder to lean on? Healthy relationships begin with knowing how to love and care for ourselves, and to do that we have to know some of the a, b, c’s of emotional wellness. In this group you will learn more about yourself, your relationships, and how to relate to others while being kind, gentle, and giving to yourself.




All payment is made through credit card via the software Simple Practice. 


I do not accept insurance, and apologize for the incovenience I know this can impose. Please feel welcome to ask about why I do not accept insurance.  Also, please do not hesitate to inquire about my sliding scale policy. 



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